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CR - Cold rolled


Cold rolled sheet made of low carbon carbon steel is used in cold forming processes for galvanized, lacquered, painted, enamelled surfaces. The pickled sheet is mainly used in the automotive industry, in the electrical, household and thermal products industry, road signaling, food packaging (canned).

Cold-rolled sheet steel, pickled sheet or LBR:

  • can be delivered in the form of sheets, coils or slittings;
  • used in metallic constructions, metal and mechanical constructions, automotive and agricultural machinery industry, pipelines, advertising industry (billboards), storage compartments, household articles, furniture manufacture;
  • suitable for bending and pressing products;
  • can be painted or galvanized, after cleaning with a solvent or an alkaline solution;


Thickness 0.4mm – 3mm
Width 762mm-1850mm
Length various
Steel grade DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04, DC 06