Steel Warehouse

Are you looking for a supplier of flat products?

Warehouse of metallurgical products, flat steel (sheets and coils) designed for wholesale in Romania. At the warehouse in Bucharest the following are available on stock:

At the warehouse in Bucharest the following are available on stock:

tablaSteel Sheets/ Flat Products:

Hot rolled sheet and coils/ black (LBC)
Cold rolled sheet and coils/ pickled sheet (LBR)
Zinc coated steel sheet and coils (LBZ)

ITECO Steel Service is a distributor of a
wide range of stainless steel metallurgical products in Romania. Our target is given by the producers using steel as raw material in their business (constructions, machinery, steel structures), the companies and the retail distributors of flat products.

Choose ITECO, your distributor of flat products:

  • we are passionate about the steel industry and dedicated to our customers and to their needs;
  • we are certified under ISO 9001 quality standard;
  • we offer to customers free consultancy for choosing the products and the order quantity, according to their needs;
  • we have competitive prices and deliver the products all arround the country;
  • customized products according to the technical features requested by the customer;
  • diversified range of cutting to sheet and coil slitting services, according to the customer’s needs.

Contact us for customized offer and stainless steel orders. It is our pleasure to help you find the most suitable solution to your needs.